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How to Write Job Proposals

Write the best proposal you can – whether online or on paper!

Compile a Compelling Proposal for Online Jobs

Writing job proposals for potential employers who have posted projects on outsourcing sites is a very similar process to writing job proposals for any other new prospective employers. The most important factor involves selling your skills and convincing the employer that you are the best person for the job.

There are several things you need to cover including:

  • who you are and why you are the best person to employ for any writing job,
  • how your skills relate to the project that is being advertised,
  • how you can meet the employer’s needs, and
  • how you will ensure that you will be able to meet the required deadline.

Present Yourself

Whatever job you choose to bid for, you need to introduce yourself and show prospective clients who you are and what you have already achieved. If you have previous experience, and you have training and employment records, then it’s a good idea to draw up a convincing CV (curriculum vitae) or resume. Whatever you choose to call it, this is basically a document that outlines your educational and professional history, and it is commonly required when people apply for jobs. A good CV will set you apart from other freelance writers bidding for the same project. Many providers include a CV in their portfolio, so if you’re not sure, have a look to see what other writers do.

If you don’t have experience or reasonably impressive qualifications, then you need to approach this part of your proposal in a different way. If you have the ability to become a successful writer, this shouldn’t be difficult – but be honest. For instance, you could simply write a paragraph that describes your commitment to a writing career. Just don’t make claims that you aren’t going to be able to fulfil; that could be the virtual death of you!

Show What You Can Do

It is always a good idea to show potential employers what you are capable of. But you also need to be sure than any samples you provide are relevant to the job you are bidding for. You may be able to do the job better than anyone else, but the employer won’t be convinced unless you can do something to prove this point.

I know this can be incredibly frustrating for people with loads of experience.

One solution is to prepare a sample of writing that might meet the employer’s needs. But be careful because you could shoot yourself in the foot, so to speak, by guessing on specifications.

Some outsourcing sites, including Elance, do not allow employers to demand or even ask for samples of work to be done as part of the bid. It stands to reason that if an employer was to list a job and ask each bidder to provide a sample piece of writing that meets the job criteria, they could get the work done for nothing. If you see this happening, be aware. Elance and some of the other sites have a violation policy to safeguard people like you and me. If you think there is a violation, report it.

Meet the Requirements

If you are a good writer you will be able to get work on outsourcing sites. The very fact that some employers require bidders to mention a phrase or specific word in their bid documents shows that there are many more bad writers than good writers. Employers need to protect their interests just as much as you do. So if an employer asks you to quote “caterpillar lovers” in your bid, do so, even if the job involves a technical report dealing with oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Not all employers have specific instructions in terms of their bid, but most do say what they want. What you need to do is show exactly how you will be able to meet their needs. If you do this, you will be well on your way to a successful bid.

Good luck!

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  1. hey, i have a Diploma in printing&publishing field in which i did the industrial/organisational researche methodology. I had to carry out a Research project, which required me to start with a Research proposal; problem investigation, then the data presentation using both qualitative&quantitative methods. Therefore, i wish to express my talents in the research world & i hope to hear from you.

    1. There are lots of research opportunities Marcel, some that require expertise in writing to be able to document the research findings. It’s difficult to give you advise because I have no idea which specific field you are aiming to get into. There are many research opportunities available on outsourcing sites, alternatively you could register with an employment agency if you want to get a permanent job. Good luck.

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