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Australian Client: Commonsense Marketing

I have been writing for Australian marketing expert, Annette Welsford of Commonsense Marketing since 2009. Topics have ranged from tomatoes, potatoes and vegetables in general for Annette herself, to painting, plumbing, electricity and human resources for her clients. My most recent brief is to do social media and blog posts for a property mortgage options business.

In all instances I have written posts based on her needs (and the needs of her clients), with suggested topics, or more usually ideas of my own, and have posted these to the relevant WordPress (WP) sites taking care of SEO, tags, images, and everything else that makes a WP website successful.

Here are links to some of the sites and posts I have written:

Commonsense Marketing

Annette’s own website are varied, but the three I have written blog posts for deal with vegetables in general, as well as tomatoes and potatoes specifically. 

Kraudelt Painting links to my posts

Kraudelt Painting is a small family business based in Brisbane Australia. All my articles are ghostwritten and published under the name of co-owner, Louise Kraudelt.

Twin Consulting links to my posts

Twin Consulting is a small business offering the expert services of a business consultant. They also focused on human resources when I wrote for the site. All my articles are ghostwritten and were published under the name of owner, Divyesh Nathoo, who. like me, grew up in Durban, South Africa.  

Precision Electrical and Plumbing

Precision Electrical and Plumbing is a small business that deals with these two vital trades. All my articles are ghostwritten and were published under the name of owner, Justin Morris. 


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